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Government Meeting Video Coverage

The GovTV BroadcastManager televises government meetings with zero staff effort

GovTV’s next generation technology provides cloud-based video production from a centralized operations center.  Government of all sizes will enjoy cost savings and convenience with GovTV BroadcastManager video coverage services.   This approach to government meeting video production leverages economies of scale to reduce the cost of broadcasting government meetings. 

GovTV BroadcastManager services and Granicus solutions can be combined to provide government the highest level of managed services.


BroadcastManager Benefits Include:


  • Broadcast government meetings with less cost than doing it yourself
  • Broadcast government meetings with zero staff effort
  • Reduce staff management time with convenience of managed service
  • Replace out-dated broadcasting systems with next generation technology
  • Reduce upfront project cost for broadcasting government meetings
  • Reduce on-going operating cost for broadcasting government meetings
  • No equipment or software purchase required
  • Eliminate the expenses related to of video equipment ownership
  • Eliminate the staff time required to manage on-going video product

Featured Client: The City of Westlake Village City Council

City Faced With Aging Video Control Room
GovTV’s BroadcastManager 6000 integrated with Granicus solution
This Southern California small city of less than 9,000 people were faced with an aging video control room they had built more than 15 years ago.  After reviewing the cost of rebuilding the video control room, the City Council’s solution was to vote unanimously to use GovTV’s fully managed BroadcastManager 6000 services for televising City Council Meetings.  Internal cost comparisons confirmed that GovTV’s fully managed services would provide the City significant savings and convenience. more info

Featured Client: The Bay Area Air Quality Management District

Needed televising and streaming of meetings with zero staff effort
GovTV’s BroadcastManager 6000HD integrated with Granicus solution
This San Francisco government agency did not have the internal staff resources to televise and stream their Board of Directors Meetings. Their solution was to retain GovTV and Granicus to provide the highest level of fully managed services. GovTV remotely controls the BroadcastManager HD system which includes six robotic cameras. The video is integrated with the Granicus solution which provides live streaming and archiving. more info

Featured Client: The City of San Juan Capistrano City Council

Needed to stream video of city council with only modest expense
GovTV’s BroadcastManager 1000 integrated with Granicus solution
This Orange County City wanted to stream and archive video of their City Council Meetings with Granicus. However, they only wanted to incur a modest expense for integrating live video with the Granicus solution. The answer was to integrate the Granicus encoding appliance with the GovTV BrooadcastManager 1000. This provides the City with video of all Council meetings for $129 per Meeting. more info